Second Genius Factory

We have started our second genius factory. I am doing my genius factory with Kennedy olsen. We will be wrighting a story called reject club. It is about a group of friends that graduate together. After they graduate they reject some of their friends. We are going to draw out the characters to show well we are reading the story when its time. We choose this because it is very different from what we did last time. Also we have never done anything like this so it will be a challange. We are hoping to have it at least 15 pages long. We both like wrighting so it will be fun for us. We cant wait to read it infront of everyone. We hope they it. We are hoping to get the cover done first. By the end we should just be finishing the characters if we have the time for it.


My strengths and weakness’s

Strengths: Very kind, my friends, reading when im sad, helping out friends, cooking, cleaning, singing, people pleaser, im trustworthy, and great helper. (most of these were choosen by my friends).

Weaknesses: eisaly frustrated, affened esaliy, dancing, i get depressed at the simpelist things, spelling, belevie any thing i here, and drawing. ( cossen with the help of my friends).

No matter how many weaknesses and strengths you have you are perfact in evrey single way. It doesnt matter what othe people think…. If you like yourself for who you are than others are just jelous. Sometimes people say that they dont like the way you act or the way you pick your clothing, all thoses people are proving is that you are perfact. Do not ever listen to what people say about you un less you think its true.

The ways I over come my weaknesses
Most of the time to over come my weaknesses I read or listen to music. Other times I talk to friends, family, teachers and they will help. Dont ever hide from your weaknesses cause your strengths can ove power them. 🙂

By: Kayla Michie 🙂


This is just an update on my genius factory. After I got swichting down I started learing all the chourds I needed to. With the help of Mr.michell and Mr.brown. Now I am putting it all together. I am now trying to learn the whole song. I would also like to thank Mr.Michell again because at one point I wanted to quit. I said to him “can I please swicht I cant do this any more.” He told me that I should just keep pushing my self to reach for goals I thought I couldnt reach. If it wasnt for him i would have never learnd songs I love. Well thats all for now. Byee!! 🙂

My factory Idea :)

For my genuis factory I am going to learn how to play some songs on the giutar. But i wont be doing this alone…. my friend kennedy is going to be playing the giutar with me. I will also ask friends family and music teachers for advice. I choosed playing the guitar because im not very good at it and i think its a really cool skill. I think playing the giutar will help me get through my life alot easier. It could also help because I might play when I’m older. I’m so lucky to have so many teachers that are willing to help me along the way. This has changed the way i think of music. I want to give a shout out to four people. Kennedy for doing this with me, Mr.Bowlby for the idea of the gienus factory, Mr.Brown for helping me with swicthing chourds, and Mr.Mitchel for accepting my proposle and being an awsome teacher. Thats all that happend so far.

~kayla michie